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Who I Am

Jean's Surrender

When Jean Stockdale surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus at the age of 24, her world radically and dramatically changed. In her own words, “Nothing has ever been the same.” She is eternally grateful for the Lord’s kindness and His grace. Her parenting skills were molded and shaped by the Word of God; and her family and now a multitude of families, are influenced by Jean’s spiritual growth and personal walk with the Lord.

Jean's Life & Family

Jean married her childhood sweetheart, Craig, in 1974. Their family tree grew with the arrival of Jason in 1978 and Dawson in 1981. In 2003 God ushered the Stockdales into an entirely new season of life when Jason asked Patti Straznicky to marry him. This season was repeated in 2005 when Dawson asked Kathryn Brown to be his wife. New branches were being added and the family tree was growing. The first twig was added in June of 2007 with the birth of Declan Lee Stockdale to Jason and Patti. A second twig was added with the arrival of Grayson Farris Stockdale in June 2008.

Jean and Craig dearly love the girls God prepared for their sons. God added Patti and Kathryn to the Stockdale family tree by grafting them in. Jean calls them her bonus babies – she got these great girls but did not birth them or raise them. These girls are direct answers to a multitude of prayers that were offered up from the time the boys were born. Craig and Jean are extremely proud of the men Jason and Dawson have become and of the wives they have chosen.

Jean's Journey

The Lord has gifted Jean with a winsome combination of humor, profound spiritual insights, practical life lessons, and the ability to communicate scriptural truths with personal illustrations. She is a delight to hear and to learn from. She writes and speaks with a passion that comes from her devotional love for the Lord Jesus and others are blessed out of the overflow.

As Jean through the years has deepened her spiritual stakes, God has lengthened the ropes of her ministry. She has taught a non-denominational Moms Bible study at her church, Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, since 1990 and has been writing the Bible study curriculum since the year 2000. She has published her most recent Bible studies and with the addition of CDs and DVD's of her teaching, quite a few other churches have utilized her ministry materials to come alongside and partner with parents in the holy occupation of raising children for Christ. Additionally, Jean speaks at churches and Ladies Conferences around the country and does evangelism training internationally. She is being widely used of the Lord in motivating and challenging women of all ages and stages of life to be students of the Word and to live out in everyday life the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To know Jean is to love her. 

To be taught by her is to know and love the Lord Jesus more intimately.

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